Garden Care

garden care

Garden Care and Bed Maintenance can be a pain especially dealing with all those pesky weeds. But if you want to keep your yard looking great, it’s very important to stay on top of the gardening and bed maintenance. Our garden care staff can handle the basic weeding and the intricate seasonal pruning as well as everything in between. Our staff are local Farmington Valley residents who have an incredible wealth of knowledge of the plants they are dealing with here in CT. Their experience spans many, many years, and they’d be glad to keep your gardens in tip-top shape.

The team would love to meet with you and determine a plan that works for you. We can schedule regular, routine visits or determine a specialized garden care service plan that includes everything you need.

Garden Care services include:

  • Winter Debris Removal
  • Splitting, transplanting, and trimming
  • Routine maintenance checks (as desired)
  • Annuals/ Flower Planting
  • Weeding, Edging, Monitoring
  • Pruning or Trimming
  • Fall check, cut back and cleanup
  • Garden Close